Second Chances

I can’t even tell you the number of times that I’ve told myself “Okay, I’m going to be a better blogger.” Can I even call myself a blogger yet? “I’m going to set a schedule and stick to it.” With a 7 month old? Yeah right! “This time will be different.” Well let’s hope because here it goes again! 

I’ve changed names and my location. I am starting new and giving myself a second (or twentieth) chance at blogging. I’ve  gone the simple route on without the complication of a self hosted site. This momma does not have time for all of the extras at the moment! I’m lucky enough to follow through with even one post idea that I’ve come up with over the last 7 months, let alone mess with the bells and whistles of the back side of a website. I’ve always set my goals with ambition. My follow through and available time however get the best of me and convince me that I’ve failed. I need an outlet though. I’ve lost my sense of identity to motherhood and desperately need a space to myself! What I’ve learned already from my minimal blogging experience is that posts should be first and foremost about things I love. Readers will enjoy my content if they connect with me on some level. If there are no common interests with a reader they will move on and that’s okay. Accepting the fact that not everyone is going to enjoy my blog is step one to success and also very humbling. Maybe writing about things I love will make it easier and less daunting to get a post to the point of publishing.

That’s all I have for now. Wish me luck!

Love Always, K


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