Thanksgiving Dinner Baby Purée 

I guess this could be viewed as a mom fail since my little had packaged Happy Tot baby food for his first Thanksgiving get together on Sunday. Does it help that it was pumpkin, banana, and cranberries? Or that I also let him try some homemade mashed potatoes for the first time too? Probably not… I just hadn’t had a chance to make a homemade purée yet! And Happy Tot is a great brand, we love their puffs. I guess it’s okay? Maybe? He won’t remember so I’m truly the only one that minds!

Well fast forward to today, aka the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, aka baby purée redemption day. I finally had a chance to make his Thanksgiving meal. If you didn’t know, a lot of work goes into multi ingredient purées. For obvious reasons though, you have to cook every ingredient, blend, and store. But thank goodness I got around to it today because tomorrow is 9 month photos day and then Thursday will be here!

I’ve made my little a lovely batch of blended dirt, no just kidding, it just looks that way. It’s actually turkey, black beans, sweet potato, sweet corn, blueberries, and banana. He helped me taste test and it almost didn’t make it to the freezer tray… clearly he’s a fan.

All images that are not originally my own have been sourced from the link below.

I used equal parts of each ingredient and a touch of filtered water to help everything blend in the Nutribullet. Then I separated the mixture into our nature’s little cubes freezer tray from Wee Sprout and Viola! Thanksgiving Dinner Baby Purée is complete!

Let me know if you like this kind of post and would like to see more!

Love Always, K


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