2017 Love Yourself

Guess what, this is going to be one of those cliché posts all about my hopes and dreams for the new year… I hope you’re ready!

2016 was filled with so much love welcoming our baby boy into the world and choosing to be a stay at home Mom. Though I cannot say there was much focus on self love, faith, or even improving our marriage. In 2016 we sort of just flew by the seat of our pants hoping to make it to each new month unscathed while focusing ALL of our attention on the little one. As it should be, they are only little once! I mean how else do first time parents even live during the first year? I’d say our life has been pretty comparable to most. I will say that I managed to carve out bits of time here and there to rename my blog, change locations, and get out a few posts. And even though my first blog has now gone to blog heaven, I feel like a tremendous amount of weight has been lifted off my shoulders by transitioning to a free WordPress blog. I am so very thankful that platforms like this exist to just freely write and create in your own space. 

On that note, with little man nearing his first birthday I feel like I can be more ambitious this year with my resolutions. To be honest, it may be baby fog from that time but, I cannot even remember if I made 2016 resolutions. What a shame! No worries though, I’ve made up for it this year with plenty!

•4 minimum blog posts a month

•Lose 50+ pounds

•Maintain a tidy and organized home

•Make time for devotions and scripture 

•Regularly go to church

•Work on loving myself with confidence

•Be a better wife

•Spend less, save more

•Create weekly early education activities for my little learner

•Get outdoors

•Care less about what others think of my short comings

•Judge others less

As you can see, I’ve aimed high and I’m excited about it! I wish you all the best with your hopes and dreams for 2017. Let’s make this one count and create a life we love!
Now please excuse me while I go enjoy some black eyed peas. 😄

Love Always, K


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