Mommy & Me Blueberry Smoothies

Hello 2017!

Our house is working day by day to uphold our resolutions both personal and as a family. We have both succeed and failed depending on the day… already failures? There have only been 17 days so far! Well, I’m here to tell you that we are human and dieting “lifestyle changes” are hard. However you want to look at it, cutting sugar and replacing it with kale can really bum a person out! We do have a little one to think of though and we are getting to the point that his meals resemble ours. “No baby, you cannot have mommy and daddy’s food.” is no longer working. So we’ve welcomed, with open arms, healthy smoothies for the whole house!


Smoothies can be made with whatever your heart desires. Our Mommy & Me, not Daddy because he hates blueberries, contains oatmeal, spinach, blueberries, and water! 4 simple and healthy ingredients for even the littlest ones in our lives. Blueberries are one of my little’s favorites!

I whipped these up with our NutriBullet for an afternoon snack. Yum!




Filtered or bottled water
Organic Blueberries
Baby Spinach
Quaker Oats

Prep time:
5 Minutes or less!

Let me know how you are doing with your resolutions and if you have a favorite smoothie recipe. I am always open to new flavor combinations!

Love Always, K


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