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Finding Confidence

If you’re not into rambling conversation posts then this might not be for you. You can instead check out a cleaning DIY here or our favorite board books here. If you really are here to read about confidence struggles then welcome and read on!

Recently I have been faced with a couple life hurdles that have then uncovered more pressing issues in what seemed to be a rather boring and normal life. I’ve always cared too much, tried too hard, and been ashamed of the imperfections in my life. Long ago when first learning to adult, I became very aware of these truths about my way of life. But somewhere along the way I must have forgotten. I’ve been subcontiously dealing with these things on the regular and somehow managed to completely forget. If anyone were to ask me how I was I’d would without a doubt say great, never thinking about my hidden confidence issues. They were there and ran my life, making every decision for me without me even realizing. For example, a friend spontaneously calls to go to brunch. But you’ve just woken up from a Saturday morning lay in, are dealing with dry shampoo worthy roots, and not enough time to apply a full face of makeup. So you apologize and ask for a rain check. Like your friend would actually care about your roots or lack of coverage and mascara… but somehow you’ve created this unrealistic expectation of the appearance you’re required to have when meeting a friend… or you’re a new mom and the bags under your eyes are a clear indication of that, yet you feel the need to spend an hour and a half getting ready for the grocery store. Like anyone cares how you look while you’re grocery shopping and with a baby! Majority of moms have even been there, yet you’re the minority that isn’t allowed to look exhausted…

Somehow these life guidelines had become natural thoughts that I had forgotten weren’t normal. 

Insert the realization… I am aware again. I have definitely improved over the last few months in some regards but where do I go from here!? 

Send me your favorite confidence boosting book titles and blogs. 

I desperately need to learn to not care so much and enjoy life instead! 

Thanks in advance.

Love Always, K


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